This is an appreciation post!!!

We have the pleasure of meeting so many amazing people every day. When we were opening our cafe four years ago, we wanted to build a place that encouraged community and friendship, and it has been the most inspiring experience meeting so many wonderful people that have helped make an idea a reality.

Today, we would like to shout out to the amazing group of humans at Pulse Electrical Bundaberg. They are an eclectic group of funny, talented, kind and hard working guys and gals, who appreciate our level of crazy and just make us smile… every day.
We love Pulse Electrical that your business has the same family feel as ours and we think you are all awesome!

Pulse Electrical don’t question when we ask them to hang strange lights in random spots… just because. They install lights and then disconnect them, all in the name of ambience. They have saved us from the ongoing frustration that was our kitchen wiring nightmare, and have been ongoing in helping us to reduce our ever growing power bill. Mostly they have taken the time to get to know who we are, not just as individuals but as a business.

Yesterday the guys donated their time to install a very special Christmas gift. The gift of music, in the form of some pretty awesome speakers strategically placed in the ceiling. They came to learn just how much we love our music and how frustrated we were with trying to find the right system to work with our amazing wifi 🤨 —  you guys have no idea how this has made us feel. Very overwhelmed indeed. You guys are absolute legends!

From our family to yours, Merry Christmas and look forward to another year of random electrical requests. Thanks for being part of our tribe.



Suzy Evans

My sister Jenny and I established Oodies Cafe in 2014. When we opened our cafe, we wanted to build a place that encouraged community and friendship. We also wanted to provide the best cafe experience that we could for our customers. We focus on these things each and every day. Thank you soo much for the support from all our customers and the wider community. Everyone has helped make 'the Oodies idea' a reality. We have the pleasure of meeting so many amazing people! It lifts our hearts! In 2017 we also introduced an environmental policy at Oodies Cafe.