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When you come to Oodies Cafe during our daily opening hours you shouldn’t have any issues finding a table. We have ood-les of them. The only exception may be certain weekends… and even then it’s only on odd occasions where there may be some small table delays. 

If however you are planning to have a meeting here at a certain time, we do recommend calling us in advance and making a table booking. Same-day reservations are usually fine for small groups of up to 4 people. If you are having a meeting or social gathering with a larger number of people, we do suggest 24 hrs advanced notice. 

If you need power-point access for your meeting, please also let us know and we’ll tee it up 🙂 

Side note: If you have a meeting  or an appointment, but haven’t had a chance to book in advance, we will still do everything we possibly can to provide you with a suitable table.

We have Wi-Fi internet. Because of NBN issues causing occasional drop-outs, we do recommend also bringing your own internet connection as a backup option, just in case. 

For more information or to make a reservation please call us on  (07) 4153 5340 and ask to speak to Jenny, Suzy, Kamarah or Amanda.

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