It’s another busy Sunday morning here at Oodies Cafe. Our Christmas tree is shining, our staff are flat out (but also ‘shining’) and our lovely customers are lovely as always… and they too are ‘shining’ as well (everyone is ‘shining’ 🙂 ). I’m on my morning tea break and am sitting here quickly writing this blog article. It’s 10.35am.

It is raining outside and ‘Down Under’ by Men at Work is playing through the newly installed speakers. I am still soo chuffed by these speakers! The amazing team at Pulse Electrical Bundaberg really have touched my heart yet again!

I’ve just looked up from the laptop to see an older gentleman walk in wearing a Peaky Blinders style cap. I luv those caps!! A young family are sitting in front of me, an older couple are enjoying their meals across from my table, others are seated behind me. Last I looked it was nearly full downstairs too.  Myself and our Oodies team absolutely love the diversity and variety of people that come to spend time here at Oodies!!

I’m also looking around at the Christmas decorations we have been putting up over the past few weeks. I feel very ‘festive’ right now. I really do think this is “the most wonderful time of the year.”

Under our Christmas tree at Oodies Cafe

The gifts are starting to gather under our Christmas Tree.

I’m also feeling very reflective right now. What a year it has been!! I have just now decided I will write a 2018 ‘year that was’ blog article… but time is limited right atm (I have to get back to helping the staff), so will keep this blog writing session short and start that blog post soon.

From all of use, we want to wish you a very, very Merry Christmas!!  Myself, Jenny and the team also want to thank you for being part of our journey over the past 4 years and especially this year. Thank you soo much! It has been an incredible year! We hope the year has treated you really, really, really great too!

Thank you soo very much too for being part of our cafe, supporting our cafe-vision and providing the life, the energy & the spirit and making this place what it is! Hope you have the best Christmas ever and a really good break from work! We also hope you have an amazing 2019!

Bestest, Bestest Wishes from all of us,
Suzy, Jenny and the team 🙂

PS. Just because I can, I have decided to embed the song into this blog article lol 🙂 . Enjoy 🙂


Suzy Evans

My sister Jenny and I established Oodies Cafe in 2014. When we opened our cafe, we wanted to build a place that encouraged community and friendship. We also wanted to provide the best cafe experience that we could for our customers. We focus on these things each and every day. Thank you soo much for the support from all our customers and the wider community. Everyone has helped make 'the Oodies idea' a reality. We have the pleasure of meeting so many amazing people! It lifts our hearts! In 2017 we also introduced an environmental policy at Oodies Cafe.