Our little book loan library has returned. A very big thank you to the Bundaberg East Rotary for taking it away and giving it a little makeover. The community and all of us here at Oodies thank you!!  🤗🤗

Thank you too Creative Regions Ltd for keeping the free library on the Northside. We promise to look after it and hope everyone gets a little something out of it.

We know you probably know all about the Little Free Library initiative. If not though, check out there website to find out more. What a wonderful thing it is!! We were delighted when we first heard about it some years ago — we just knew we had to get Oodies Cafe involved.




Suzy Evans

My sister Jenny and I established Oodies Cafe in 2014. When we opened our cafe, we wanted to build a place that encouraged community and friendship. We also wanted to provide the best cafe experience that we could for our customers. We focus on these things each and every day. Thank you soo much for the support from all our customers and the wider community. Everyone has helped make 'the Oodies idea' a reality. We have the pleasure of meeting so many amazing people! It lifts our hearts! In 2017 we also introduced an environmental policy at Oodies Cafe.