‘Bundy Pub Rock Choir’ is a small regional not-for-profit community choir based in Bundaberg. Here is their facebook page: www.facebook.com/PubRockChoir .

This year the male members of the choir have signed up to raise money for the ‘Polished Man’ campaign.

They have called their team ‘BUNDY’S POLISHED PUB ROCK CHOIRBOYS’ (click here to view their team page — you can also donate to the Bundy team on that page). One of the great things they are doing is hosting a ‘BUNDY’S POLISHED MEN FUNDRAISER’ right here at Oodies Cafe on Friday the 11th October 2019. The details of the event are below:

  • When: Friday 11th October 2019.
  • Start Time: The fundraiser will start at 7pm (food available from 5:30pm)

There will be live music, entertainment, raffles, comedy, door prize and information about the Polished Man campaign. Men and women are most welcome.

You can purchase your ticket here. It is only $20. Seating is limited so we recommend booking asap.

The Bundy team have also supplied some PDF documents for download:

What is THE POLISHED MAN Campaign?

The Polished Man campaign is founded by the Australian-based nonprofit YGAP, which aims to raise awareness for victims of childhood abuse. They report that one child dies every 5 minutes as a result of violence. That’s one too many. Any violence against children should not happen. During October they challenge all men and women to take a stand and actively commit to ending violence against children by painting one fingernail. Here are some reasons why they request doing this:

  • Fingernails that spark conversations.
  • Conversations that inspire donations.
  • Donations that allow for trauma recovery and trauma prevention for children around the world.
  • Because it shouldn’t hurt to be a child.
  • Help end violence against children.

More information about Polished Man can be found on their website. It is well worth having a look. Amongst many things, you can see how much they have raised so far, where the money goes and how to start your own fundraising efforts.

Chris Hemsworth is amongst those who have previously painted 1 fingernail in support of the challenge. Info about this is here.

About Bundy Pub Rock Choir:

The Choir has been active in the community for 3 years. They have been lucky enough to sing with Moving Pictures while they were in Bundy, John Farnham and recently Glen Shorrock as part of QMF in Brisbane. They have also supported Relay for Life, Childers Festival and others in the community.


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