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When we first started Oodies Cafe, we knew we wanted to source our coffee from a coffee roaster that was not only producing amazing tasting coffee, but from a supplier that we also knew to be ethical; a supplier we could really advocate and support!

Toby’s Estate Coffee stood out from the crowd. As an example, have a read of the post they shared on their facebook page regarding the Inovacafe project (scroll down this page to read it — we got our Web Guy to embed it in this page for us).

Here is Toby’s Estate Coffee’s philosophy:

“S.E.E (Social, Ethical and Environmental) is a philosophy that we at Toby’s Estate endeavour to apply to all our trade practices.” More about their philosophy is on their website here.

To learn more about Toby’s Estate Coffee’s business, ethics and amazing attention to quality, please watch their short video (below) and consider liking them on facebook (and checking out their posts).


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