We enjoy so many special days. This was certainly one of them!

A little book lives on our coffee table. People write in it. It brings so much warmth when we read it. It contains random thoughts and very kind messages that bring smiles to our faces. Thank you to all of you that take the time to contribute to it. We found this drawing of Tyrion in it not so long ago 🙂 … We worked out who drew it didn’t we @jay ?! lol 🙂


While trying to decide how to explain Oodies Cafe, we thought we would use this page to describe how we got the name. When we were brainstorming potential names for our new venture, we decided to randomly throw around words that described our feelings and thoughts about our cafe. They included:

  • Quirky
  • Random
  • Antique
  • Inspiring
  • Odds and ends

It needed to be a name that encompassed everything we wanted to say about our cafe. This was tricky, so for the interim we decided to create a ‘working title name’ and let the actual name develop over time.

So we came up with a ‘working title’ that allowed us to be a little whimsical. We played around with some of our keywords:

  • Odds and Ends
  • Oddsies
  • Oddies (hmm we thought, “Wasn’t that the name of the guy from The Goodies?”… The long haired bearded guy… ‘Bill Oddie’… he was really cute and funny… but Oddies didn’t quite fit… )

…THEN we had a light-bulb moment…  “OODIES”!!

We had a giggle and then Oodies was born!

Of course as the universe would have it, what was supposed to be a working title, turned out to be the name that stuck… a moniker that can’t help but make you and us feel joy.

Thank you Bill Oddie and thank you ‘The Goodies’… not only did you help bring laughter and joy to our childhoods, you have done the same, and then some, during our adult-ing years too 🙂

Without knowing it at the time, OODIES actually did encompass the very essence of what we were trying to achieve….a place to relax, explore, be inspired and above all else…
Smile 🙂

PS. Here is a video we found that is all about Bill (@Bill, if you happen to read this, we hope the video is ok and you like this webpage of ours, which we dedicate to you. You are awesome!! Lots of luv from us here in Queensland, Australia xox ):

PPS. Did you know that Bill Oddie and the other Goodie’s did some voices for the Bananaman cartoon? Watch the YouTube video to learn more. We hope you are going good Bill. 

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